Reserves and Research Assistants

GA1 and ATT

Sela Hong
International Studies |Colin Powell Center Fellow | Skadden Arps Scholar


Yukari Otaki
International Studies

The experience of NMUN was really exiting. Every day from early morning to night delegates met a lot of other delegates from different universities and countries. Delegates needed to discuss and compromise with them, and create one resolution. I learned how UN works through watching these processes. It takes huge amount of time and effort to make a resolution. It was really good experience to see so many diverse people work together. And this conference is really great opportunity to get to know how the UN works and how each nations work in the international community.

The National Model United Nation is a good opportunity to attract young people who might work for the UN in the future. Also this was very good opportunity to know may people from different schools. I thought this class and the NMUN conference represent one of the highest educations in the U.S., which other nations cannot provide to its students. All important elements to succeed in the U.S. are included in this conference, such as free speech skill, critical thinking, networking, writing skill, research skill, time managing, and group work.

Also in the MUN class, I learned a lot. We did free speeches, researched information, wrote papers, and we were grilled. Everything was extremely hard for me, but at the same time, I could learn how to research efficiently, and get use to speech in front of people than before. Especially, I could find why I cannot speak English. It was because I did not prepare and understand topics enough to speak up in English. I recognized that I could speak English when I know deeply about a topic. Therefore, I learned that I need to study harder.


Tricia Herbert
Childhood Education

“I don’t care what anything was designed to do; I care about what it can do.” – Gene Krantz

The United Nations is the umbrella under which sovereign nations come together and work for peace and development on the premise of justice, human dignity and the well-being of all people. As such, this complex and dependent system strives to build consensus amongst its many diverging and converging member states’ interest, motives and principles. Furthermore, for quite some years now, the students of City College have had the honor and privilege of participating in the National Model United Nations in New York City. This replicated version of the United Nations has afforded many university and college students worldwide the advantage of being diplomats for a week. The use of friendly negotiations and compromises produce numerous solutions to some heartbreaking global issues and this is done through fierce group interactions. The ever present danger of having one’s opinions and ideas written down yet only to be discarded or modified through the thin sieve of consensus-building allows for an interesting comedy of cool minds and steady hearts.

We the students representing the nation of the Netherlands and as a joint City College unit was able to weave our way through the foggy mire of diplomacy and with tenacious voices plunged into the noxious decadence of transnational organized crime to the notorious disease of global poverty to the nefarious destruction of illicit drug trading to the nauseating danger of illegal weapons trading just to name a few of the plagues hindering and hampering the well-being and survival of human beings everywhere. It is rewarding to note that the thrill of the moment and the engagement of the members of City College were able to produce the honor of being a distinguished delegation. It is an end that is worth noting and a future to be built further upon as we the students of City College have had the favored honor of representing our institution.


Chinomso Ejiogu
International Studies


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