General Assembly 3rd (GA3)

Third Committee: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)

Agenda Topics

  1. Combating Human Trafficking
  2. Development and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  3. Transnational Organized Crime


Veronica Agard
International Studies | President of Student Association for International Studies (SAIS)

To say that Model UN has changed my life would be a gross understatement. The friendships that I have made in such a relatively short span of time is not only a testament of our team building, but the mutual respect and desire we all posses to perform above and beyond what is excepted of us. The class at times felt like a crash course, but after attending the conference I realized that we were better prepared then many delegations from other schools. It is that drive shown by our instructors, head delegates, and MUN veterans that truly inspired the students throughout moments of doubt and frustration.

I recommend anyone interested, and especially those who  want to learn more about the United Nations, to sign up for this class. It is an amazing opportunity to not only get to know your peers, but is a chance to better understand your own character and potential.

Reem Aliessa
International Studies | Minor in English

I walked into the Marriott hotel, at around 1pm, dragging my luggage like a lost sheep, with no clue as to what the rest of the week had in store. I have to admit; I was scared.  I began to imagine all the insane things I may do in committee to make things go bad, like forgetting to say “the Netherlands is present” during roll call.

As committee sessions begun, all I could think of was getting on the speakers list. In the General Assembly that was almost impossible; we didn’t get a chance to make a speech until the third day, but that did not hinder Veronica and I from getting our work done. During caucusing we immediately split up and worked on separate resolutions; the one I worked on dealt with money laundering. There were about fifteen sponsors on that paper, but we managed to get it done. The toughest part though was trying to get all the delegates to pay attention to you, especially in such a large group, but I managed. I realized that the most important thing during caucusing, besides discussing papers, is to step outside of the delegate’s role for a few minutes and speak to a few delegates as people, rather than continuing to refer to them as countries; this bond was a stepping stone for us to actually be the directors of the resolution writing process.

However, crucial to gathering the research, writing position papers, making speeches, and sponsoring resolutions, is being supported by an amazing team of fellow delegates, head delegates, and of course Joao. Without their support and outstanding kindness, this would have, without a doubt, been an awful experience. Almost every delegation envied the Netherlands because we were the only delegates who actually got snacks during caucusing and ongoing support throughout the conference.

In addition to that, at the heart of making MUN a great experience, is to approach it with a positive attitude, in which one acknowledges that they worked hard to be there, and they deserve to be there. Some things in life are just not perfect; at the conference, I have to admit I made so many mistakes during voting procedure, it was embarrassing, but I just laughed. Laughed at the fact that, even though I didn’t know what I was doing (motioning for a placard vote and opposing to accept our resolution by acclimation) I managed to have a great time and learn from my mistakes.

Being a part of MUN and having the opportunity to attend the conference was a remarkable experience. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses in public speaking, and my ability to work with others under pressure. And of course, most important, I am really grateful for having the honor to befriend such a diverse, enthusiastic, and outstanding group of City College students; whom I respectfully refer to as my MUN-Family.


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