Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

Agenda Topics

  1. Integrating a Female Perspective in the Planning and Implementation of Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration
  2. Improving Women’s Health as a Means to Achieve Gender Equality
  3. Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Context of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis


Alea Smalls
International Studies

I registered for the model UN course with the a few goals in mind, a better understanding of how states behave, the structure of the UN, and becoming a better writer in terms of resolution writing. Those goals were accomplished and I also learned about myself while trying to achieve those goals. I learned that I underestimate my capabilities and a diplomat should never do that. I learned that it is ok to trust people. I used enjoy working alone because I was afraid people would let me down. I worked with the Commission on the Status of Women. I chose this committee because I knew nothing of it, except it was small and I would be discussing the Netherlands approach to women’s issues. In the past when I participated in Model UN I worked a larger committee (General Assembly 3rd.)

During the course and the conference people exceeded my expectations and proved that there are people out there who believe in you and you can trust to have your interest at heart. The week of the actual conference wad not easy. It was stressful and I took the first two days serious because I wanted to achieve my goal of resolution writing effectively. That was not easy when your country’s policies did not coincide with another’s, worse when your personal ideas about an issue goes against what you have to represent at the conference. During committee session setting the agenda went smoothly and everyone seemed to be on the same page during caucuses. Writing the paper was fun except when your tired, coming down with a cold, it is extremely late, and committee starts 8am the next day. Hard work pays off, all working papers became resolutions. I felt proud of myself. I did something that is recognized. Those late nights and stress paid off. Out of those sessions I met intelligent students who shared the same passion for women’s rights and love for culture like me, it was fun, and comforting.

The support from the head delegates, veterans,back up delegates, and of course Joao was phenomenal. Without that foundation I would have lost my mind. My entire delegation team became my family and support system. I realized I do need these people and I learned a lot from them too. Overall I learned a lot about CSW and to be confident in myself, it is ok to fall sometimes. The topics gave me a lot of ideas and new interests have evolved. I also realized the United Nations is not an institution I desire to work with. I have done nationals in the past and that experience was nothing compared to this year. I got involved in the actual writing of the resolution because I actually knew what I was doing and knew what I wanted to get accomplished. I would recommend participating in Model United Nations with Professor Joao Hwang because this experience can really shape a person and show you what you are made of.

Gergana Trendafilova-Tchoneva
International Studies

When I registered for this class, I didn’t really know what to expect. The only thing I did know was that there was a lot of research involved and there was a conference where students are selected to represent City College at some kind of UN simulation. So I thought this could be an interesting class. MUN turned out to be so much more than just an interesting class. How do I best describe it to someone who hasn’t been there… Intense but very fulfilling, at times stressful, but you get so much support and encouragement by faculty members and team-mates that you feel empowered and motivated to give it your best; I’m not going to lie, it is a lot of work, but at the end it’s all worth it; when you get to the actual National Model UN (MUN) and you know your stuff, it shows, but more importantly, you are confident, efficient , and able to make the most of this opportunity. Oh, and it’s really fun =)

It was a great experience in so many ways. Not only did I learn about the UN and the country we represented, but I also learned a lot about myself. I’m glad I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and do this, because it feels great to look back and know that despite my doubts, I did get through it, I did well, and had a great time. I also learned a lot about the way I interact with people in a professional environment, about the dynamics of group work, negotiations, getting along with different personalities while working toward your country’s desired outcome, and the specifics of diplomatic writing. I also realized some of my weaknesses, made some mistakes, and if I could do this all over again, I would definitely do some things differently. But the point is I would do it all over again. And I think that says a lot about the kind of experience I had.

MUN is not just about learning or about awards. One of the best features about it is the team building: sharing this emotional rollercoaster made us so much closer; we all made great friendships and had a lot of fun during and after the MUN experience. And by team/friends I don’t only mean my class mates; the head delegates and the class instructor couldn’t have been cooler. I think it’s safe to say that CCNY’s delegation had the most supportive, caring, and fun people cheering us on, encouraging us, providing all kinds of emotional and material support; so we were all motivated without feeling pressured. It’s true what they say, by the end you do become a close-knit MUN family. Knowing the head delegates for next year, I’m sure they will recreate this awesome atmosphere for the next team.


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