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Another Fun Year of Model United Nations


This year Model United Nations was absolutely fun. Usually, the faculty advisor (João Hwang) would teach the class, but this year he allowed the head delegates and committee advisors the chance to teach as well. During the course, we have seen students progress and develop their skills in public speaking, writing, and basic diplomacy. Despite the stress of learning and understanding Mongolia’s policies in the committee, the students and staff remembered to have fun during class and conference. Here are some memorable pictures:

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CCNYMUN – 2014 NMUN Honorable Mention Delegation

This year at the 2014 National Model UN Conference in New York, the 2014 CCNY-MUN team been recognized as a Honorable Mention Delegation, which is the third place tier award for participating universities at Conference B held from April 13th – 17th. The students and the supporting staff could not have been asked for more.

The awards/recognition announcement can be found here:

The City College of New York delegation were absolutely incredible throughout the conference. They were on top of their game and perform terrifically despite the stressful environment and sleepless nights. In comparison to the other students who have had a full year to prepare for the conference, our delegations had 2 months to research, learn and properly represent the country of Mongolia. They have also taken extra time outside of the Model United Nations class to understand the materials of their respective committee and the conference procedure. Thank you delegates for another terrific MUN year.


Click on the link below to see more images of our team throughout the conference:
NMUN 2014 – Mongolia

2014 CCNY National Model UN Conference Team


We would like to thank all the students who participated in the Model United Nations course this year. The students have worked hard and done an amazing job on researching Mongolia and its policies within a span of 2 months. A late congratulations to all those who have been selected to represent the City College of New York’s Model United Nations Team for the 2014 National Model UN Conference in New York (Conference B).

It was a difficult decision for the Head Delegates and Staff in determining the final team selections and everyone should be proud of the work they have put in to prepare for the NMUN Conference.

More detailed information on the delegates can be found in the committee pages.

Laila Mahran
Valeria Serrano-Carmona

Abhinav Chintakunta
Doyeri “Adam” Kone

Maria Deaquis
Rana Hassan

Jennifer De Leon
Lena Kheir

Toni-Ann Preston
Esraa Saleh

Valentina Cuomo
Yana Shkbrova

Zachary Soliman
NIkita Voevodin

Felix DeJesus
Lindsey Zeichner

2014 Baruch MUN Conference


The City College of New York Model UN program would like to thank Baruch Model UN Team for inviting us to participate in their MUN Conference earlier this year. Our students had an amazing time at the conference. CCNY hosted CUNYMUN last year with success. Due to time constraint this year, we have not been able to host another CUNYMUN.

The Baruch MUN Conference served as a practice session for our students to use what they have learned in class in a conference setting. Majority of our students who took the time to participate in this conference has also participated in the 2014 National Model UN Conference in New York. We hope to participate again in the future, as well as hosting the CUNYMUN once more.

Here are several images of our students in action during the conference:

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2014 NMUN Background Guides

The National Model UN Conference Organizers have released Background Guides. Background Guides serve as the foundational reading on the specific topics in each committee, and should give students their starting point when conducting further research in preparation for the NMUN Conference.

Students will not be required to read all the background guides but only for the committee they were assigned. The background guides are available below for students who would like to find out more about the committee topics. Students will be asked on the first day of class to submit their committee preferences and will shortly thereafter be assigned a committee.

GA1 Background Guide
GA2 Background Guide
GA3 Background Guide
GA4 Background Guide
CSW Background Guide
UNEP Background Guide
UNIDO Background Guide
OPCW Background Guide

The background guides will also be available in the corresponding pages indicated in the menu above.

2014 NMUN – Country Assignment – Mongolia


The City College of New York has been assigned Mongolia for the National Model United Nations Conference B, taking place on 13-17 April, 2014. Mongolia has delegates in the following committees:

1. General Assembly 1st Committee: Disarmament and Security (DISEC)
2. General Assembly 2nd Committee: Economic and Financial (ECOFIN)
3. General Assembly 3rd Committee: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)
4. General Assembly 4th Committee: Special Political and Decolonisation (SPECPOL)
5. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
6. UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
7. UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
8. Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

Specific Topics to be debated at the conference can be found at the links provided on the menu bar.