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2012 National Model UN Conference Panoramic Photo

Can you find the CCNY Model UN Team in the closing ceremonies panoramic photo? The CCNY team was at the Closing Ceremony 2 – Marriott.


2012 National Model UN Conference Results

The City College of New York Model UN Team has been awarded and recognized in the second tier group as Distinguished Delegation at the 2012 National Model UN Conference, which took place between April 3rd to the 7th. This year the CCNY Model UN Team represented the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It was a long week and there were ups and downs, long hours, and meager amounts of sleep for the team as they worked long into the night. The students bonded and looked out for each other, kept the pressure up on each other, and comforted each other in what was both a intellectual and emotional roller coaster ride for them. Above all else, it was a pleasure to see them all in the same mindset: the will to give it their all to represent the school, the team, and themselves.

Let us thank the delegates for their hard work, and recognize their preparation and execution at the National Model UN Conference:

Robert Premus and Jessica Tong – General Assembly 1st Committee
Tawhid Islam and Yahya Alyafai – General Assembly 2nd Committee
Reem Aliessa and Veronica Agard – General Assembly 3rd Committee
Gergana Trendafilova-Tchoneva and Alea Smalls – Commission on the Status of Women
Cyndi Yahya and Sabina Sajid – Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Monica Siu and Janee Aiken – Conference on Sustainable Development
Yvonne Cotterell and Nicholas Macaluso – Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty

Reserve Delegates and Research Assistants:
Sela Hong – General Assembly 1st Committee and the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty
Yukari Otaki – General Assembly 2nd Committee
Tricia Herbert – General Assembly 3rd Committee
Chinomso Ejiogu – Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Additionally, let us thank and recognize the following individuals for their dedication to preparing the students for the conference and their support during the conference:

Humaira Hansrod – Teaching Assistant
Gina Leow and John Vosarogo – Head Delegates
Tahsin Chowdhury – Acting Head Delegate and Backup Delegate for the Conference on Sustainable Development

Special thanks to Dr. James Biles for making sure the team had all the administrative and support they needed from CCNY. The team could not have asked for more and for those who have been part of the MUN team before, we know that Dr. Marina Fernando’s shoes must have been hard to fill.

Additional thanks to former CCNY Model UN team members and supporters who dropped by before the conference to offer advice and during the conference to show their support. Some of you know how nice it is to see a familiar and friendly face in the midst of it all.

Congratulations team CCNY!