National Model United Nations Conference

National Model United Nations (NMUN) is an international, college-level Model United Nations conference run by the National Collegiate Conference Association. NMUN is an experiential learning program in which participants work in cooperation to discuss and brainstorm solutions to issues facing the globe as model diplomats in the United Nations. Each delegation consists of students from a university or college who are assigned a country, whose role and position they take on in committees. Before the conference, students are expected to research that Member State’s history and its current perspective on international issues, and then represent that state in their assigned committee.

NMUN NY is the oldest and largest NMUN conference, and takes place over the course of two weeks every spring in New York City.

City College Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a simulation of UN bodies and regional multilateral organizations, where students “play” the role of diplomats. The exercise requires students to:

  1. Have good substantive understanding of the agenda topics through a policy lens
  2. Exhibit flexible critical thinking and problem solving with attention to multilateral bodies
  3. Write resolutions effectively, giving special attention to detail on syntax and grammar
  4. Give speeches and conduct informal negotiations with other students
  5. Collaborate and build consensus with other students to address contemporary issues within the constraint of their assigned country’s national policies
  6. Maintain professional and diplomatic poise, to include appropriate use of the rules of parliamentary procedures

The City College Model UN Team for NMUN is selected from students enrolled in the Model United Nations Class, where the students are taught and trained in the aforementioned qualities. The class is currently offered in the Spring Semester through both the International Studies Department and the Political Science Department.

All majors are welcome to participate. There is a low barrier to entry to participate in the program, but selection to represent the college at conferences is competitive. Students will get as much as they put into it.


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