Intern for the NGO ExCom


The NGO DPI Executive Committee (  is comprised of eighteen representatives elected by organizations officially associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI). The Executive Committee was founded to promote a closer working relationship between the UN and NGOs associated with UN DPI and acts as a liaison between the NGO community and UN. In partnership with the UN DPI the Executive Committee organizes the annual UN DPI NGO Conference, at UN Headquarters or abroad, which increases public understanding of the United Nations critical efforts on issues of human rights, economic and social development, the environment, the rule of law and peace-building. This event is an important opportunity for NGOs to network and promote the efforts of their organizations. The Executive Committee through its popular Communications Workshops and other activities throughout the year also provides NGOs opportunities to become more knowledgeable about UN and NGO programmes as well as to how to make more effective use of their association with the UN DPI.


The NGO/DPI Executive Committee seeks an intern with a strong interest in the interplay of the United Nations and civil society organizations. Knowledge of the digital media landscape, including various social media is essential. The Executive Committee is revising their website and social media strategy outreach to civil society and youth. Applicants must possess critical thinking and excellent communication skills; demonstrate creativity, and an attention to details. This position offers an applicant a unique experiential learning opportunity. The selected candidate will receive an official UN NGO security badge to attend NGO briefings and open meetings over the course of the internship which will provide a rich learning environment in addition to the internship work with the ExCom. A learning agreement that meets the needs of the ExCom and the student’s current college/university faculty advisor can be crafted in advance of this internship.
You will perform a combination of the following duties:

* Work directly with officers and directors of the Executive Committee
* Interface with the UN Department of Public Information (DPI)
* Contribute to website design, maintenance, and optimization
* Monitor and post on blogs, forums, and social networks
* Conduct online outreach and promotion using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
* Schedule and coordinate speaking engagements, appearances, photo shoots, and other special events
* Write press releases and other materials
* Assist with print production
* Compile contact lists and databases
* Assist with planning and organizing fundraisers for an international conference


You should be available for approximately 10 hours a week to work on the responsibilities. You are expected to attend the monthly Board meetings which are usually held on the 4th Thursday of the month between Sept- June from 2pm-4pm. Exceptions to this are the September and Nov/Dec meeting when holidays are taken into consideration and there’s a longer time between meetings. Meetings are held at the DPI Resource Center on 45th near 1st avenue. You must have strong communication skills and a solid understanding of the youth demographic. You should also have strong writing skills, and an understanding of social media. Only interns proficient with Microsoft Office applications and competent to maintain web pages should apply.



Send an email (Please outline your availability to start) with the following attachments: resume, cover letter outlining qualifications, a letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor:
Applications will be reviewed on rolling basis as received.


Latest deadline to apply: 08/01/2017
Internship begins: Fall 2017 term. (Can start earlier based on availability)


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