Top 5 Opportunities To Advance Your Career

Hello Everyone,

Check out these Top 5 Opportunities for students who are studying subjects related to International Affairs.  Give it a try and see where it may take you!!!

1. Youth Environmental Opportunities


Youth Environmental Opportunities, YEO is an initiative for youth which share information about environment and SDGs’ goal related to the entrepreneurship, jobs, internship, conference, seminars, awards, grants, fellowships and campaigns around the world.


According to , there are about 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 – the largest youth population ever. Many of them are concentrated in developing countries. In fact, in the world’s 48 least developed countries, children or adolescents make up a majority of the population.

Too many of these young people see their potential hindered by extreme poverty, discrimination or lack of information. But with proper investment in their education and opportunities, these young people’s ideas, ideals and innovations could transform the future.

“The vision of YEO is to transform and making the flow of transparent and reliable plenty of opportunities information among the largest youth group around the world. We concentrate on our environment which is now very critical and vulnerable for the human activities throughout the world and we believe that, only we (human) can fixed it by our potential footsteps.”


Serve the youths around the world through making a flow of transparent and reliable plenty of opportunities information.

For more information click here!

2.  Ezio & Fiammetta Vergani Endowed School

Through this scholarship, Ezio and Fiammetta intend to provide college students the opportunity to have a similar transformational and exciting study abroad experience.

AMOUNT:  Up to $2,000


  • Open to underrepresented students participating in an IES Abroad fall, spring, academic year or calendar year program and who are in good standing at an accredited U.S. college or university
  • Applicants must be receiving need-based aid from their home institution
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 (out of 4.0) required



For more information click here!

3. Koch Fellow Program: Policy

A semester of policy-focused professional education and an internship opportunity for those who are passionate about free societies and want to work to improve people’s lives.

The Charles Koch Institute’s semester-long fellow program gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on paid policy experience while participating in focused professional education. In addition to hearing from leading policy experts each Tuesday, fellows come together in DC at the beginning and end of the program for professional development workshops and networking opportunities. Individuals interning at a partner organization located over 150 miles away from the Charles Koch Institute may be eligible for a partial travel reimbursement of up to $175 per seminar.

Through the program, fellows will find a full- or part-time internship with one of our partner organizations throughout the country. Roles are specifically geared toward a future career in policy and research analysis; however, we encourage applicants from all academic disciplines, as well as those with advanced degrees.


Spring Koch Fellow Program Dates: January 30 – May 3

Spring Opening Seminar: January 30 – February 1

Spring Closing Seminar: May 1 – 3

Summer Koch Fellow Program Dates: June 5 – August 9

Summer Opening Seminar: June 5 – 7

Summer Closing Seminar: August 7 – 9

For more information click here!

4. Schwarzmanscholars

Every year, up to 200 Schwarzman Scholars will represent the world’s next generation of leaders — high-caliber individuals with open minds and limitless potential.

Schwarzman Scholars will be selected on the basis of not only their academic aptitude and intellectual ability, but also their leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, ability to anticipate and act on emerging trends and opportunities, exemplary character, and desire to understand other cultures, perspectives and positions.

The extraordinary students selected to become Schwarzman Scholars will receive a comprehensive scholarship. It will include:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Room and board
  • Travel to and from Beijing at the beginning and end of the academic year
  • An in-country study tour
  • Required course books and supplies
  • Lenovo laptop and smartphone
  • Health insurance
  • A personal stipend of $3,500

With a $450 million endowment, Schwarzman Scholars will be the single largest philanthropic effort ever undertaken in China by largely international donors.

For more information click here!

5. Programme and Project Intelligence Analyst (Intern)


“UNOPS plays a critical role in providing management services for our life-saving, peacebuilding, humanitarian and development operations. I have seen many examples of how these activities help suffering people in troubled parts of the world.”

-Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General

UNOPS mission is to expand the capacity of the UN system, governments, international financial institutions, and other development partners to implement peacebuilding, humanitarian and development operations that matter for people in need.

Working in some of the world’s most challenging environments, UNOPS vision is to always satisfy partners with sustainable management services, particularly in infrastructure, project management and procurement, that meet world-class standards of quality, speed and cost effectiveness.

Recently opened, the Washington Office (WO), as part of the Global Partner Services Office (GPSO), seeks to structure and manage the relation with key partners such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, USAID, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, amongst others. The Washington Office will also develop new avenues of collaboration with local partners in support of sustainable development operations in the field, and assists our operational teams on the ground in the management of the portfolio financed by our Washington-based donors.

For more information click here!

Good luck on the application!


Fanny Shum Chan


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