CCNY NMUN season is here!


Welcome to National Model UN (NMUN) season! NMUN is in full effect and there is a light buzz filling the air. CCNY will be representing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in April 2017. The CCNY MUN class is busy learning about Afghanistan and the United Nations. Preparations for conference are underway and we are ready to jump into conference season. We’ve heard from our class, of the excitement and nervousness intertwined with learning about conference and Afghanistan. Our students are simultaneously delving into an in depth analysis about international relations and Afghanistan’s diverse policies and ideals.

When the students are not studying and debating, we did an inquiry on the demographics of the class. We have students from all over the world with us: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Thailand, France, Brazil, China, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic, Albania, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Russia! Diversity among our students allow for rich discussions and perspectives.

2017 Head Delegates: Amanda Jimenez and Paul Aylward.

2017 Committee Advisors: Cristina Cintora, Joshua Kemp and Arlene Verapen.

We look forward to a fun and competitive NMUN 2017!


In the midst of intense studies, the class is experiencing their first conference simulation. The students went into groups and worked on creating traffic light resolutions. The ideas created were not only in intellectually stimulating, but also innovative in theory. We hope one day these students can actually implement these ideas into practice!


The class is seen practicing their first informal debate session. The students were learning to debate,  form blocs, listen and suggest ideas for resolutions and create alliances. We learned quite a few students found their niche in taking up a leadership role!   


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