Youth-Led Briefing: Targeting Poverty and Education for Peace

“Until now, young people were generally seen as good enough to fight wars-but not to negotiate peace.” -Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

 59 member states highlighted the importance of youth development and participation during the 71st United Nations General Assembly. Our voices were heard and we held our first Youth-Led Briefing (YLB) focusing on Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) on November 3. YLB summed up SDGs 1, 4 and 16 targeting poverty and
education for peace. We focused on the targets that help img_3721bring about these SDGs to life. Throughout this briefing we have seen how active and innovative the youth can be. When it comes to fighting poverty, advocating for quality education, and promoting peace. We can and are ready to take action. CCNY NGO encourages you to join the movement, to motivate other young people around you to participate in achieving the SDGs. 


Ecosoc Chamber


img_4247It was a pleasure meeting Jadayah Spencer who is the chair of the steering committee. Jadayah is a role model for our generation. The following is a short description of her work. Jadayah is a Youth Representative for the NY Metropolitan Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence and is the Acting Executive Director of the International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI). She is an advocate for improving access to opportunities that enhance the lives of youth, people of African descent, and indigenous people worldwide. A proud IYLI alumna, Jadayah became an IYLI fellow in 2o10 and travelled on the 2011 Summer Fellowship Program to Tanzania. She subsequently served in various roles, including being an IYLI volunteer, an IYLI board member and an group leader. She serves on several international and local boards, including her work as a Youth Representative to the United Nations in association with the UN Department of Public Information, and on the New York City Young Women’s Advisory Council, addressing policy issues that directly affect young women of color.




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