2016 CCNY NGO Youth Representatives’ Commitments



We, the Youth Representatives of CCNY NGO to the United Nations, commit to:

  1. Participate in UN Open Meetings, especially those related to issues concerning Education, Youth, Human Rights, and the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals.
  2. Speak on behalf of CCNY NGO in an appropriate manner and to the best of our abilities.
  3. Participate actively in discussions, Q&A sessions, and open mic sessions, in order to highlight the work of CCNY NGO.
  4. Dress in a professional manner, whenever representing CCNY NGO.
  5. Report on every meeting and/or event attended (this includes social media presence).
  6. Publicize a monthly report and/or article concerning event participation.
  7. Weekly attendance of UN DPI NGO briefings.
  8. Give back to the CCNY student community through informal and formal channels, such as: on-campus information sessions, club events, roundtables, among others.
  9. At least one on-campus event during the semester, sharing our experience as Youth Representatives to the United Nations.
  10. Build a foundation for following CCNY NGO Youth Representatives to the UN.
  11. Proactively bridge the work of City College, as an academic institution, and the United Nations.

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