Fall15 Course: Research for Model United Nations

UN70-logo-en2015 is a crucial year for the United Nations. Not only it is its 70th anniversary but also the time for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (July);  Special Summit on Sustainable Development & 70th GA Session (September); and Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) (November). If you want to get involved, no better way than registering for INTL 31408 – Research For Model United Nations.

Course description: Research for Model United Nations examines major issues facing the world organization. Students will also be introduced to the practice of international diplomacy through presentations and in-class simulations. They will conduct research in security, disarmament, environment, development, human rights, and humanitarian affairs. The course is designed to prepare for Model United Nations (Spring 2016) and provide general knowledge about international organizations.

INTL 31408 requires department permission. To register, please email or visit Gilana Gelman @ the International Studies office. She will need your name and EMPLIDs to grant the permission. INTL 31408: Class Number 89161, Th 5:00PM – 7:30PM.


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