CCNYMUN – 2014 NMUN Honorable Mention Delegation

This year at the 2014 National Model UN Conference in New York, the 2014 CCNY-MUN team been recognized as a Honorable Mention Delegation, which is the third place tier award for participating universities at Conference B held from April 13th – 17th. The students and the supporting staff could not have been asked for more.

The awards/recognition announcement can be found here:

The City College of New York delegation were absolutely incredible throughout the conference. They were on top of their game and perform terrifically despite the stressful environment and sleepless nights. In comparison to the other students who have had a full year to prepare for the conference, our delegations had 2 months to research, learn and properly represent the country of Mongolia. They have also taken extra time outside of the Model United Nations class to understand the materials of their respective committee and the conference procedure. Thank you delegates for another terrific MUN year.


Click on the link below to see more images of our team throughout the conference:
NMUN 2014 – Mongolia


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