Another Fun Year of Model United Nations


This year Model United Nations was absolutely fun. Usually, the faculty advisor (João Hwang) would teach the class, but this year he allowed the head delegates and committee advisors the chance to teach as well. During the course, we have seen students progress and develop their skills in public speaking, writing, and basic diplomacy. Despite the stress of learning and understanding Mongolia’s policies in the committee, the students and staff remembered to have fun during class and conference. Here are some memorable pictures:

IMG_5467  10155225_285444891615274_5535561569377962511_n 10155747_285445711615192_2218260317079144439_n  SG204663 SG204672IMG_5656 SG204673 SG204703 IMG_56121604860_285446958281734_5638602698909110719_n

Click on the link below to see our students during the Model United Nations class:
2014 CCNY Model UN Class


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