CCNYMUN – 2013 NMUN Distinguished Delegation

2013 CCNY Delegation to the National Model UN Conference – sLOVEnia

I would like to congratulate the CCNY Model UN delegation to the 2013 National Model UN Conference for its recognition as a Distinguished Delegation (top 25%), which is the second place tier award for participating universities at Conference B held from March 24th to the 28th. The students and the supporting staff could not have been asked for more.

The awards/recognition announcement can be found here:

Allow me to put this in perspective.

1. Most other universities start preparing for this conference in August-September of the previous year giving them approximately seven months to prepare. At the City College of New York, our students had one month and three weeks to prepare. The Model UN class is only offered in the Spring and this year the semester not only started in February, but we lost class time due to a federal holiday.

Starting in the Fall of 2013, a course in the United Nations will be offered through the International Studies department. This class will provide students with a foundation of how the UN works and thematic issues brought before the UN. Additionally, the course will aid students in writing and research methods in understanding the UN and other international organizations. While this class is not a prerequisite to the Model UN class, it is highly recommended, even for those who do not intend to participate in the Model UN program.

2. For those familiar with NMUN and many Model UN Conferences, it is understood that certain schools “win” awards through less than ethical means. There is a great deal of paper stealing and gimmicky tactics to get “noticed” by the directors, instead of engaging in substantive debate and getting to the core of the issues, as well as participating in relevant resolution writing arrived through consensus.

This is not to say that every university does this at NMUN. This also not to say that every school in the Outstanding Delegation category or anywhere were recognized because they used these less than ethical means. In fact I would like to especially recognize the following schools at Conference B: Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Royal Holloway – University of London, American University in Cairo, Victor Valley College, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, and Florida International University.

What I do want to say is that the City College of New York does not try to “win” awards through less than ethical means nor through gimmicky tactics. There is no educational value in doing so, and if this is the standard that we operate under, then quite frankly no Model UN program is worth the time and effort. That type of lesson can be learned anywhere.

The City College of New York’s delegation should be proud. That they achieved recognition with integrity and under an incredible time constraint for preparation truly is a testament to the quality of the students at the university.


Joao Hwang
Faculty Advisor
Department of International Studies
The City College of New York


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