2013 CCNY Model UN Team Head Delegates

We are pleased to announce next year’s Head Delegates for the CCNY Model UN Team:

Reem Aliessa, General Assembly 3rd Committee, International Studies
Robert Premus, General Assembly 1st Committee, Political Science

Much like selection to represent CCNY at the National Model UN (NMUN) Conference, it was a challenging decision to select from a competitive pool of applicants.

Selection Process for Head Delegates
Since the start of the Model UN class, students were not only evaluated for selection to represent CCNY at the NMUN Conference, but also for their potential leadership capabilities by Weijin Leow and John Vosarogo, Head Delegates for the 2012 team. At the end of the NMUN Conference, students interested in serving as Head Delegates were instructed to express their interest to Weijin and John. The applicants were evaluated based on their overall performance in both the class and at the NMUN Conference, with special attention to:

1. Research and writing abilities;
2. Public speaking and negotiation;
3. Perseverance in challenging situations;
4. Ability to impart experience and knowledge to fellow students;
5. Sense of responsibility for the team as a whole;
6. and Personal compatibility with their potential partner.

Head Delegate Responsibilities
At the minimum, the CCNY Model UN Program’s Head Delegates are responsible for:

1. Administrative and logistic functions of the team (e.g. registration for Model UN Conferences, hotel reservations, etc.)
2. Assisting in the teaching of the Model UN class and research assistance;
3. Editing position papers for submission to conference organizers for both syntax and content;
4. Evaluation and selection of students to represent CCNY at Model UN Conferences;
5. Serve as reserve delegates at the conference in the event there are dropouts;
6. Run debriefings at the conferences;
7. Monitor the welfare of the delegates and troubleshoot when appropriate;
8. Conduct an After Action Review at the end of the year;
9. and Select their replacements for the following year.

Let us thank both Weijin Leow and John Vosarogo for their service as the 2012 Head Delegates. Additionally, let us also recognize Tahsin Chowdhury for his role as the Acting Head Delegate during the NMUN Conference. Their dedication and care for the team will be remembered.

Let us also congratulate both Reem Aliessa and Robert Premus as the 2013 Head Delegates and wish them the best in preparing next year’s team!


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